Helm and Sons Amusements

was formed by Dave and Debby Helm in 1978 while they both worked for the now retired Carnival Time Shows, Inc. (CTS). For all of their adult lives they have been actively involved in Outdoor Show business. Debby was born into the business and Dave has been involved all of his adult life. Their love for the excitement, fun, challenge and sheer adrenaline of the Show is unmatched. Dave and Debby have built their Show one ride at a time while working for CTS. They own Helm and Sons Amusements together with their two boys, Davey and Jason and have more than 40 rides and a complete amusement operation.

Dave and Debby’s integrity and honesty is unmatched. Under their hands-on daily direction the company continues to grow at a measured pace and flourish. Debby still handles all of the office, concession and contracting duties while Dave still rebuilds, repairs and builds new rides and equipment. Their teamwork is an example to the company, and they have sworn to never allow Helm and Sons Amusements to get too big not to be hands-on.

The WOW! theme selected by Dave and Debby to promote their company, was chosen to illustrate the many things that sets Helm and Sons Amusements apart from the competition. Dave and Debby believe that once you get to know them and their company your reaction will simply be

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